Resuming web site


Recently, I’m trying to re-start my web site with some pieces of music.

I had been working as a kind of  online musician until some years ago. For some years, I was leaving away from making music to release it only on my website due to the change of my lifestyle. Finally I decided to post my music, with this style of web as you see. This gonna be better way for me to continue to make and release my music.


If you find it interesting, use my music and tell your friends.


I’m living in the Tokai district in Japan.  Between music, I will post some interesting topic mainly related  here, or anywhere in Japan.

The picture is Lake Hamana, Shizuoka prefucture. のドメインをとってから、10年以上が経過しています。自分自身の環境変化もあり、しばらく音楽制作~WEBリリースという形から遠ざかっていましたが、最近になってこのような形でWEBを復活することにしました。無理しない形で作品を発表していければと思います。

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